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Lincoln Electric Students Visit O.E. Meyer Facilities

On July 2, Lincoln Electric sales and engineering students visited O.E. Meyer Co.’s Sandusky facility. The students toured our main demo room, service department, showroom, and cylinder filling plant.  The group spent the weekend working at the Norwalk Speedway and learning more about welding and careers in manufacturing.

Gases Filling Plant Updates

Enhanced automated fill controls were added to our gases filling plant this week. The update includes a state of the art gravimetric fill system that can sense and compute the weight of the cylinder contents during the fill process. The new controls also automate pre-fill procedures and monitor the cylinder pressure and temperature. This will provide a more accurate mix of gases and augment quality, efficiency, and productivity.

O.E. Meyer Co. Named Top North American Independent Distributor by Hypertherm.

O.E. Meyer Co. has been recognized as The Top North American Independent Distributor by Hypertherm. The award, named after the Hypertherm Chairman and CEO Dick Couch, recognizes the top independent distributor in Hypertherm’s North American region. Hypertherm is a U.S. based and world's largest manufacturer of plasma, laser and waterjet cutting systems.